Consulting Services


Mergers & Acquisitions

We understand that acquisition-based growth is not without risks, particularly when our clients seek to expand into new geographies, products or markets. Identifying the best terms for our clients in order to maximize value demands through detailed analysis of opportunities is of utmost importance.

Successful mergers and acquisitions transactions follow a structured and disciplined approach with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans, and a focus on creating and capturing value.

Davisons has created value in numerous M&A transactions across a range of industries. Our services include conducting industry and market scans, developing strategic logic for acquisitions, developing robust and analytical due diligence, identifying likely sources of value creation, and assisting with transaction negotiations for buy-side and sell-side clients:

  • Assist in identifying and locating potential investment projects;
  • Assist in reviewing the financial and business information of the potential projects;
  • Assist in reviewing and conducting comprehensive due diligence on investment projects;
  • Assist in negotiating with potential investment projects on terms, pricing decisions and other issues during the process;
  • Liaise with other professional parties including legal advisers, accountants, tax advisers and other professional consultants in relation to investment projects; and
  • Monitor the execution process



Fundraising entails matching the objectives of companies and investors to achieve a win-win situation. Fundraising transactions include:

  • Debt financing such as bridge loans and convertible bonds
  • Equity financing such as direct investment and venture capital
  • Project financing such as syndication loans

Davisons has substantial experience in helping our clients in various fundraising activities. We identify our clients’ fund raising objectives, select appropriate source of funds, and negotiate for competitive yet reasonable terms on behalf of our clients throughout the process:

  • Assist in reviewing our clients’ financial and commercial objectives,and recommend a structure suitable for the fund raising exercise;
  • Review and provide comments on financial models and investment memorandums prepared by our clients;
  • Assist in preparing investment memorandums to be presented to potential interested parties;
  • Assist in identifying and locating suitable investor(s) and/or interested parties;
  • Assist in negotiations with potential investor(s) and/or interested parties on terms, pricing decisions and other concerns generally arising from time to time;
  • Liaise with other professional parties including our clients’ legal advisers, accountants and other professional consultants in relation to fund raising exercise; and
  • Monitor the execution process


Business Planning and Reorganisation

Our business planning and reorganisation specialists have a proven track record in designing innovative and commercial solutions for a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries. Working in conjunction with owners and management, the services we provide in creating a business or reorganisation plan encompasses not only financial and strategic analysis, but also an assessment of the management team to help businesses maximize their potential and direct them towards a successful future.


Who are we?

Davisons is a management consulting firm and a leading business strategy advisor. We have a clear track record in creating value for our clients, raise their market position and overtake competitors.


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