Direct Investment


At Davisons, we believe in the importance of tailoring capital investments to our clients’ strategies and corporate goals in order to maximize returns for our clients. As partners to our clients, we also provide comprehensive and value-added direct investment strategies and services to enhance the business environment and terms for our clients which results in increasing corporate presence and investment returns. Our direct investment process is based on the following selective investment objectives and strategies:

  • Venture capital investments in emerging industries and/or high-growth projects and companies
  • Private equity investments in mature businesses with plans for exit in Hong Kong capital markets initial public offering transactions
  • Projects and/or companies in our portfolio which we believe provides our clients with positive synergistic value add
  • Projects and/or companies with strong and seasoned management
  • Projects and/or companies seeking financial and/or strategic investment partners

Investment areas we focus on include energy, agriculture, insurance, automotive services, consumer goods, health foods, manufacturing, and import and export industries.


Who are we?

Davisons is a management consulting firm and a leading business strategy advisor. We have a clear track record in creating value for our clients, raise their market position and overtake competitors.


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